Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our refuge or reuse challenge

One of my dearest friends posted a quote from Mother Teresa on Facebook the other day and I haven't been able to shake it. I'm paraphrasing but basically Mother Teresa said the only time she felt angry was when she saw people wasting things. Whoa. I wonder if I can make up for all the times I know I would have totally pissed her off in the past. I am guilty of being wasteful and I'm not happy about that. I have cut our household waste over time but there is still so much more we can do to limit our consumption and add to our production at Gidget's Garden.

I plan to start over again by putting all of the things I now randomly own and our abundant natural resources to use, in some helpful way. Everything is a learning process and we are in the process of learning again.

Even if we are only useful to Gidget's Garden to feed ourselves and a few others, we have reduced our impact because we did not buy so many things. So many things. No new plastic product that was shipped all around the world before arriving conveniently at our door. We invest in our own backyard and our community simply by using what we have. Finding a new purpose for something that you happen to have and can't compost would make Mother Teresa happy. If the only thing that angers her is waste then I don't want to waste because I admire her so much.

At the very least, we could all probably find one pair of pants that would benefit from plants. 

This is one of the primary reasons I was excited about moving from the city to the country. We have so many more natural resources at our disposal and we trust ourselves to work with them to cultivate this piece of earth in a more responsible way. It really charges my batteries when I think of the many opportunities we have to nurture nature here. 

We have 8 acres that we plan to create many types of gardens within. Some of the materials we inherited are not suitable for edibles but they may offer other opportunities to waste not. Some of the things we inherited are a pain in the butt. We're hoping some of you have incredible ideas that we haven't thought of for some of the random things that we now own and many people would haul to the dump. I would love to use all of it in some way. 

Here's an initial look at our surplus. There's more where this came from and we welcome all of your comments here and on Facebook
Okay. Here we go. Cheers.

Farmer D wants to shoot 'em in his range. That could work. I would like to paint them vibrant colors and create a flower bed border. How about you?

Random inheritance

  • We have a lot of hose that is cracked, dried up and no longer hose worthy. Any ideas?
  • There is this big For sale sign. We don't know how old, what kind of paint, how toxic the so called wood is. etc. There is a lot more of the random plywood signage like the TEE TIME sign in back. Do. What. Now? Any suggestions? 
  • I hope to use the chairs as chairs. They may be very brittle though.
  • The pink metal barrel is empty. I want to cut the top off and burn stuff in it but what would you do?
Plastic pallets.
I've never seen these before. There are holes drilled in the pockets so they look like good seed starters to me but I don't know about the material for starting edibles.

An old carpet and bowling pins,

A beautiful sawhorse or easel that I love and will use. Bowling pins, roofing tiles and a decaying rug. 
I am thinking about digging the pins in to create a border around one of the gardens but I could be persuaded to do something else with them. Can I compost an old throw rug? Use it as weed block under a flower garden? Do you have a better idea?

Don't tell Farmer D that there's a wasp nest on the sawhorse/easel. 

Rotten railroad lumber that I am not sure what to do with. 

This is one of my most happy random possessions. A good gate is always useful. 

This looks like decent lumber that is not too far gone.
I am hoping we can use this to help build our hen habitat. What would you do?

This is Ron Weasley. We thought she was a boy until we tried to have her neutered.
Gidget is on strike and refuses to be photographed because she feels like she is not getting enough tuna in exchange for managing her minions. We are not giving her more tuna so we'll appreciate her employee Ron tonight instead. Isn't she beautiful?


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