Fleck's Fotos

Harry attends Hermione's funeral services. RIP Hermione. 
October kittens

Sure are some interesting bugs in Texas!

Lily the neighbor goat and Sierra the red headed dog. Rest in Peace Sierra.

Gopher Hunting

Bearded Dragon lizard at the market.

Tomato hornworm.  "Does this thing eat carrots?"

Carrots are my favorite snack!

This is my big sister, Sierra sticking her tongue out.  She likes to lick.
Here she is licking a slice of zucchini.

This is my little brother, Frijole hangin' out waiting for birds.

We used to lounge on the couch together before he became interested in birds.

He is also interested in the culinary arts.

Occasionally we will both chill in back when he's not chasing birds or grilling them.

Ahh...the smell of fresh compost

My sister is cuckoo for coconuts.

California Carpenter bee buzzin' the cherry pear tomato

Carpenter bee gets some

Passion fruit and lavender collide

Lady bug bondage

I am a very handsome schneagle...

and Gidget can kiss my butt!