Monday, May 19, 2014

Growing on now in the garden

The chickens are in their new home and loving it. They have plenty of space to say the least. 

They are 6 weeks old this morning.

Griz says, "What? I didn't know we had chickens."
While we patiently wait for the chickens to produce some delicious eggs, we'll take a look and some of the other foods we are patiently waiting for. One of the things I'm most excited about are the figs. Last year the tree did not produce very much and what it did produce got stolen by the birds before we were able to get them. This year, we fed the 3 fig trees lots of compost and we have been watering it regularly. The biggest tree has responded in a wonderful way by setting lots of fruit.

Willie is happy to show us
A look at the promise of figs to come

Gidget doesn't see the allure of figs but she heard me say something about birds so she and Griz are on the hunt.
Thankfully the cats aren't very good at hunting birds. They are also not very good at hunting gophers so I'm beginning to wonder what they are good for.

Other than figs we have a lot of other foods growing that we hope to eat and maybe share soon. Here's some of the watermelon and corn that we planted a few weeks ago. When we thinned the watermelon, we tried to move the small plants to another location. Don't bother trying that in your garden, just thin them and walk away. Watermelons do not transplant well - or at all.

This is suppose to be 3 rows of corn. I don't know why most of the third row did not come up. 
The tomatoes are growing like weeds and setting fruit nicely. There are also some small sunflowers in this bed that are close to blooming.

A variety of brandywine and other medium sized tomatoes
Here we have some cucumbers and beans in the front bed and bell peppers and cherry tomatoes in the back. The peppers are just starting to bloom and those got sprayed with worm casting tea yesterday. It seems to me that they set fruit better after a foliar feeding with worm tea.

Our mouths are watering in anticipation
We have some zinnias volunteering in this bed along with some butternut squash seeds that we are waiting to appear.

Zinnias are such happy flowers.
The first corn we planted is moving along nicely.

Tassels on our first Fishers Early sweet corn.

And the silks are appearing on the cobs that we should be eating soon. 
There is enough corn in this area that we should not need to pollinate it by hand but I think we may need to intervene with the other bed. 

The thing we are eating regularly right now is mulberries. They are absolutely delicious.

Giving the tree some compost and regular water seems to have made it very happy. 

Gidget thinks someone needs to get a handle on these gophers, I agree Gidget! Get on it. 

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