Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st

It's hard for me to believe June is already here. The garden isn't as far along as it should be but we do have some stuff growing on and with San Diego's favorable climate we'll be caught up in no time. Today's post is just a photographic tour.

Gidget loves giving tours
This is the back garden looking south - we have potted eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, some beans and flowers back here.

This is looking east at the banana tree with some of the potted vegetables in the foreground. 

The roof just got pressured washed and will be repainted soon.

The avocado tree is looking very happy

And starting to produce the avocados that we'll have in winter
This is one of my favorite new flowers, I forget what variety of fuchsia it is though

I used my old red wagon as a planter bed for some succulents

The roses in the front garden are gorgeous and the sweet peas to the left are oh so fragrant

We'll have plenty of passion fruit for the market this year, I hope people still want it.

I just love these Mr. Lincoln roses

Here we have a tomato plant and non fruiting passion flower vine that are colliding.

Northwest view of front garden from the back, lots of zucchini this year 

I've never had luck with a topsy turvey but they were giving them away free at the nursery so I decided to try again. 
Frijole asks, "Is it time for lunch yet?"

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