Friday, July 20, 2012

Let's come together this weekend

Life just isn't going to be easy or fair. Life is really hard much of the time and it becomes difficult to keep your chin up and just do your best in the face of so much that seems to be going wrong. I walked into the corner store today and the wonderful clerk told me that he thinks we're heading toward the end of this earth age and I can't emphatically dispute his observation right now. Maybe we are coming into end times. That could actually be some sort of explanation for why there seems to be so much turmoil around the globe. I reminded him that our grandparents most likely said the same thing at one time as we smiled and I walked out the door.

We could be spiraling towards the apocalypse (preferably a zombie one because that is what Farmer D is most prepared for), but I would rather think that we are moving into a new and better era. Maybe we just need to see a lot of bad things and have our hearts ripped out of us before we really come to understand what the future needs. I do think many of the people on the planet today know that we are off kilter and that we must make corrections in order for the next generations to have any sort of life. 

I am so saddened for the people that are affected by last night's senseless shooting. Our heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to all of them. Our prayers go out to the world. 

It feels like time to put everything aside and let the decency of human nature shine again. It feels like a really good time to get to know the people who work and live in the community. It feels like time to come together while letting go of all of the silly disagreements we may have about politics, religion or any other issue that detracts from the average person's basic desire to be good. The vast majority of the population are good, decent, hard working people and we need to come together more so we don't get too sucked in by the bad.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend in Golden Hill and I hope to see a lot of new faces from our community. I hope to share my passion while learning about someone else's. We have the weekly farmers market tomorrow on B street between 27th and 28th from 9:30-1:30 and then on Sunday there is a street fair on 25th street between B and C from 11 to 6. It will feature food, music, beer, art and more from people in the Golden Hill community. Gidget's Garden is just west of 25th and will be open with lots of plants for sale. We look forward to seeing you.

Tomorrow at the market we'll have a nice variety of extremely local produce.

Breakfast tomatoes! Grab a basket of cherry tomatoes and munch on them as you explore the rest of the market.
There are some nice larger tomatoes and some peppers.
The lemon cucumbers are huge this week and we have some  beautiful eggplant and zucchini.
Here are some jumbo zucchini and a couple more eggplant.

On Sunday we'll have plants for sale that we do not normally have at the market.
You can bring a pair of pants on your way  into the street fair and I'll plant them for you. Pick them up on your way out. Starting at $20.

We have a lot of scented geraniums. 

Some of the other various plants and plant pots for sale. 

Gidget is exhausted. She hopes to see you on Sunday.

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