Monday, February 27, 2012

Maximizing resources in a small garden

Other than compost, space, sunlight and water are some of the most important resources in a small San Diego garden and I spent the morning working on some things to help me get the most out of our small space and the promised afternoon rain.

We have an avocado and a banana tree in our back yard which do take up quite a bit of space but it is easy to claim back some of that space by growing some things around the drip line of your tree in pots. It is not advisable to grow anything directly under the tree in the ground, especially with a heavy feeder like bananas because whatever you plant will compete with the tree for root space and food. 

About once a year, I have to expand the perimeter of the pots around the tree so I can maximize the amount of sunlight my potted plants are receiving, I pull the pots out just beyond the drip line so they are not shaded by the leaves of the tree. I did that today by adding 4 new pots. I also use the potted plants as a barrier for my dogs who love to dig for beetle grubs in soil.

Expanding the potted plants, I used the new pots to plant tomatoes and basil. 
Then since I knew it was going to rain, I fertilized plants that needed it, and planted more seedlings so I could take advantage of the free water that was on the way. I did not need to water any of the new or fertilized plants because the rain is taking care of it for me as I type.
I fed the tomato that volunteered outside our fence in October.
Then I planted some tomato seedlings in our smaller raised bed.
I also fed both the lemon and lime trees, the roses and our passionfruit vines.

Gidget spent the morning greeting people in the coffee shop parking from the rooftop garden.

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