Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Then and now

Patience really is a trait I have had to learn in order to be a happy gardener but with that said, it is also amazing how quickly things take off and then change again. I'm sorting through pictures and thought I would show some snapshots of how things looked during different times throughout the past 2 years.
Banana Tree May 30, 2011
Banana Tree February 7, 2012

Front Garden, lemon tree on the side, April 4, 2010

Front garden, lemon tree, February 7, 2012

Front Garden June 15, 2010
Front garden September 29, 2011
Front garden September 29, 2011

Front Garden February 7, 2012
Ficus tree May 12, 2010
Ficus tree February 7, 2012
Back fence March 4, 2011
Black eyed Susan vine June 3, 2011
Black eyed Susan vine February 7, 2012

Passion Fruit June 3, 2011
Passion fruit and black eyed Susan vine on back fence February 7, 2012

Passion fruit (left corner) on front fence June 15, 2011 
Passion fruit on front fence February 7, 2012

Gidget looking at me like I'm stupid June 19, 2011
Gidget looking at me like I'm stupid January 13, 2012

Pink jasmine May 4, 2010
Pink jasmine June 25, 2011 (There are now 2 plants)

Pink jasmine February 7, 2012 (now with 3 plants)
Roses May 23, 2011

Roses after pruning January 9, 2012

Lemon Rose geranium April 16, 2010

Lemon Rose geranium December 1, 2011
So if you're thinking about starting a garden this year, you may need practice in patience, but at the same time you may also find that you are amazed by how quickly things grow and change!


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