Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things are picking up in the garden

It's been a slow and quiet couple of months in the garden but things are starting to pick back up.

The jasmine buds are a sure sign that spring is almost here
Our winter crops grew painfully slow due to lack of sunlight but as the days are getting longer, the fruits of our labor are finally maturing.
This is one of the last winter heads of cauliflower, a cheddar variety.

The cauliflower leaves are also edible so make use of them before pulling the plant out .

Our new seedlings to replace the old plants are coming along 
We'll have some peas starts to sell at the market this week.
The largest bed in front has full sun again and should look full and incredible soon.

"Yeah, whatever. Good for the plants but in real news, San Diego legalized backyard chickens yesterday!"

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