Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This week's eats

We had another tasty week at the garden. Next week is promising to be even better and I am doing my best to make certain that all of our weeks are tasty from here on out.

I won't bore you with all of them, but the zucchini was abundant this week. You may be wondering why I don't let them get bigger; I just like them best when they are about this size, they are tastier. We have a couple that got away from me on the plants so you'll probably see those next week.

One of four zucchinis

We had some strawberries. Farmer D doesn't seem to care much about them but they sure make me happy and I love to share.

Some of this week's strawberries
We had nice fixin's for a good salad in this bunch:

3 sister tomato, purple bell pepper, pear cherry tomatoes, and 3 pepperocinis 

A Gidget's Garden salad with tomatoes, pepperocinis, purple bell pepper, and fresh garden herbs. 

We harvested our first pink lemonade lemon yesterday but have not tried it yet. We'll keep you posted. 

It's a tiny ear of corn, but it was perfect.
We're early yet for corn and I just know Farmer D's pollination  technique made this first ear way better than it would have been otherwise. I ate it raw about 10 seconds after taking the photo. It was delicious.

Gidget was so excited about the harvest she was floating on air.

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