Thursday, June 30, 2011

We are officially certified producers

This morning was our inspection so that we could obtain the proper certificate, and sell our produce at the local farmer's market. We passed with no problem, but I spent yesterday making sure everything was labeled, and looking as good as possible.

Front view of garden
I went through and pruned, pulled dead plants, and generally spiffed everything up.

Right side of front garden, still having trouble getting strawberries established  in this bed
I had to make sure I had some variation of everything I put on my list, which I was almost certain I did. Some of it is out of season and looking a little rough.

Chard is out of season but I left it in so I could make sure it's on our certificate during the cool season
Many of our plants are looking fabulous which makes me feel better about the few that are struggling.

Fantastic looking strawberries above and various herbs below

I was delighted to find that the Lemon-rose geranium has given birth to a beautiful new baby all on its own. Farmer D may not be as excited, as this plant is taking over the garden, but the scent of it just makes me go over the moon.

New Lemon Rose geranium
I worked into the sunset making sure that everything looked as good as possible.

Sun setting behind the part of the San Diego skyline that is visible from Gidget's Garden 
This morning's visit with Jen from the San Diego department of agriculture was wonderful. I sincerely enjoyed meeting her, and showing her around our garden. She really seemed to appreciate the work we've done, and made the process as easy as possible. I did miss getting some carrots planted, but she was gracious enough to allow me to do it while she was here, so we could make sure they are on our certificate. The only thing left now is the process of actually getting the certificate, which should only take a couple of weeks. 

Gidget liked Jen too, and immediately passed out from relief and exhaustion, after we got the good news that our certificate is on the way. 

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