Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This week's eats

The warm season is underway and we are starting to get a nice variety of foods to eat from our garden. We planted things on a staggered schedule so we are hoping to have have a consistent supply of a variety of foods from here on out.

Gidget makes herself useful by pointing out a fallen avocado
Our avocado tree is huge, so there are always a couple that we are not able to reach, even with a fruit picker, and on a ladder. I think our last 2 fell this week so we'll be anxiously waiting for the new ones to mature.

Both of the avocados and some strawberries

The very first tomatoes of the season; Yellow Pear Cherry tomatoes - delicious

The first cucumber of the week

One of this week's zucchinis

The first pepper of the week

3 more zucchinis, another green pepper, a jalapeno pepper, and some Swiss chard

The second set of tomatoes for the season, from the Three Sisters plant

Another cucumber

The beginning of a Gidget's Garden salad

With 2 avocados, 4 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, Swiss chard, 4 zucchinis, and 2 bell peppers we had a tasty week. The homegrown vegetables taste so much better than store bought and knowing they are not genetically modified, grown with synthetic fertilizer, or sprayed with a long list of chemicals makes us feel very good about what we're eating. We hope to inspire you to try growing some of your own food too.

Gidget says; "Seriously? That's what you people are going to eat?"

"I have a better idea..."

"for a much tastier treat!"
It did not take very long for Gidget to accomplish her murderous mission.

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