Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gidget's next door neighbors

Yesterday was a treat at Gidget's Garden. My neighbor, Maria, and her beautiful cousin, Larisa, came over to do some garden stuff with me. Using the garden to help peak young people's interest in growing their own food is one of the things I am most thrilled about.

Larisa was really excited about being in the garden, and she especially loved the yellow pear cherry tomatoes. I was happy that we had about seven of them that were ripe and ready for her to eat. Maria and I had one too - they really are delicious.

Larisa and a yellow pear cherry tomato
We planted some seeds together so she can grow her own tomatoes, peppers, and some flowers.

Gidget helps Larisa plant her seeds

Larisa's seeds topped off with worm poop
We even found a zucchini for her to take home.

Larisa was thrilled with her zucchini
Maria worked on adding some embellishment to an old pot for a miniature eggplant that she is going to grow.

Frijole observes Larisa learning about being a perfectionist

Maria and Larisa heading home with hands full of vegetables and flowers. 
Days like this are what I live for. It was so much fun to spend time with these beautiful ladies who are as enthusiastic as I am about plants.

Our seeds are popping up ahead of schedule which made the day even more exciting.

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