Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lifetime compost tumbler assembly

When we expanded the roof we also decided it was far past time to invest in another composter. We currently compost in 2 methods; with a passive bin and we have a worm bin.

Passive composting takes 9 to 12 months and doesn't give us enough compost. Worm bins take several months and since we started with just one, it doesn't accommodate all of our scraps and will not yield enough compost for our large garden.

If we had a larger property and I had more muscles to turn the pile we could simply build a 3x3x3 foot bin but that's not a feasible option for us so we went for the rotating bin that I've been eyeing for over a year.

We've been buying a lot of compost from City Farmers Nursery, which I am convinced is an excellent place to buy compost, but I want to make most of my own so enter the Lifetime Compost Tumbler that Farmer D picked up at Costco yesterday for $99.00.

The parts before assembly; Frijole seems interested in it, Gidget is interested in Frijole
Luckily for me, someone at Farmer D's office told him that it would require 2 people to assemble so that let me off the hook and Farmer D set out to prove one man could get it done.

"Ha! I have to see this."

Five minutes in and the frame is up, looking good

Got the sides up in no time flat

And then a moment to review

"Wow Dad, I'm impressed!"

"I, however, am not impressed. Why didn't you buy chickens instead? They're good for fertilizer too you know!"

It's getting a little more difficult but we're still only a little more than an hour in

This triangle bolt is the thing causing the most difficulty
At this point I did offer to help but Farmer D wouldn't hear of it so I just kept taking pictures. It felt sort of good to photograph him as he worked, it almost made up for that time I tilled the back yard by myself, while he watched and photographed me. Almost.

I absolutely adore this man

When he came in, he said it was done but I'm perplexed...there's a whole side missing

I decided it may be better to have him show me how it all works today instead of last night
I'll keep you posted about how well it works but in less than 2 hours Farmer D had it basically assembled and ready to go so that's not too bad. One man can do amazing things, especially if he's Farmer D.

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