Friday, September 2, 2011

This week's Golden Hill Farmers Market harvest

We have some nice food to bring to the Golden Hill Farmers Market tomorrow. We started the harvest with the Big Bertha peppers this morning which are producing really well, we'll have lots of those.

Frijole is not impressed with the Big Bertha peppers
Second harvest basket
We also have some nice Poblano peppers this week and we are going to debut these long mild peppers. The tomatoes are ours, we are still waiting for the fruit to ripen on many of our tomato plants but hope to have tomatoes at the market soon.

We're bringing more tomatillos this week.
The Jalapenos are looking fantastic
More peppers; Big Bertha, yellow bell and Jalapeno
The eggplant is also looking gorgeous, we'll have a few
We also have lots of cucumbers again in several varieties
We'll harvest the herbs in the morning, lots of basil varieties, some sage, oregano, mint, and thyme
Lemon rose geranium cuttings 
These can be used to add a beautiful fragrance to flower arrangements or you can root the cutting for a plant of your own. We'll also bring some Aloe vera leaves.

"You're starting to annoy me. This is not food!"

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