Friday, September 16, 2011

Better late than never harvest post

This post is later than I would like. I had trouble with the photo chip I was using so the first set of photos I took would not work. 

Here's what we have for the market tomorrow:

Raw sunflower seeds
This will be the one and only week that we'll be offering completely raw and unadulterated sunflower seeds for those that come early enough to get them.

The peppers make the party
We have a variety of bell peppers as well as long mild, Jalapeno, Poblano, Rio grande and other peppers. We even have one Habanero.

If peppers aren't your thing...
We have the last basket of green beans that we are selling for the season, some tomatillos, and cherry tomatoes to temp you.

We also have some bigger tomatoes and a variety of cucumbers

And our eggplant looks (and tastes) fantastic again this week
We'll get the herbs, aloe leaves, and lemon rose geranium in the morning and we will hope to see you at the market between 8 and 12:30 tomorrow morning.

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