Friday, September 23, 2011

Harvest day

If I was not a Puget Sound region native, the rain this morning may have dampened my spirits, but after 8 years I know San Diego never really has rain so I waited 45 minutes and enjoyed a perfect harvest morning.

Rainy garden

It is another beautiful harvest week at Gidget's Garden

We have a variety of gorgeous tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for our neighbors

More pretty peppers and a tomato 

Our large cucumbers are awesome; 4  Japanese and 1 Armenian

The eggplants are stunning with 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small. We have a large golden zucchini, more tomatoes and lots of peppers

"I can't even imagine being more bored by your so-called food."

Whatever Gidget.

We'll also grab an Aloe vera leaf or two

There's an assortment of fresh herbs including a variety of basil, sage and thyme.

We have some young rosemary

And a trio of different mints as well 
We plan to bring 1 small flower arrangement too, including roses, lavender and lemon-rose geranium 
We picked an avocado early last week. They're not ready yet but will be soon.

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