Friday, September 9, 2011

Post San Diego blackout harvest day

So that was weird, huh? Yesterday's 8 hour, unexplained power outage had us a little shaken but not too much. We are mostly prepared for a power outage, and for the most part, we had fun last night. Farmer D has been on a staycation that has proven to be quite the trip with the hot rain, miserable humidity and then the "crisis" of having power go out across countries while trying to get some much earned R&R, and expand the garden. He is the most incredible man I have ever known. While last night may have been a wake-up call , we are not scathed too badly and look forward to seeing you at the market in the morning.

I had a surprise harvest helper this morning - I love my BFF Kim so much!

  • We have 3-5 regular eggplants for sale
The harvest before the mornin' pickins'
  • A variety of cherry tomatoes
  • Armenian
  • Japanese
  • Slicing
  • Heirloom Lemon
Devil's tongue Habanero peppers

  • Poblano
  • Big Bertha
  • Jalapeno
  • Sunset bell
  • Black beauty bell
  • More
Ideal Market
Purple Podded Pole

We'll harvest the herbs in the morning; this is a mix of basil and one sage plant
Speckled basil

More basil and a trio of mint

We'll also bring a couple Aloe vera leaves

Gidget says; "Wake me up when you start talking about real food."

Close...but no avocados. Yet. 

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