Saturday, October 1, 2011

This week at the market

Good morning Golden Hill, you sure look pretty today.
Market mornings start early for us, but at least we get a chance to take in the sunrise. Golden Hill in the morning is a nice place to be. I look forward to the market starting a little later though, and hope the majority of our customers agree. It looks like in the near future, we will go from 8 am, to 9:30 or 10:00 am for a start time which I think will work better for almost everyone.

It was a small harvest day for Gidget's Garden
We had a decent week at the market; even with our small harvest, we sold most of what we brought and we had fun.

It was an active week in the neighborhood and in San Diego. With the Tour de Fat, The MCAS Miramar Air Show and Oktoberfest, it wasn't as busy as we expected it to be on a sunny first day of the month.
Some of the Tour de Fat beauties strolled through the market which was fun to see
Gidget decides; "I better come to the market next week. I don't trust my humans are doing it right."

I'm going to take Saturdays off and skip the blog post from now on. We will continue with our Sunday photo of the week and our daily post Monday through Friday. Thank you for your support of Gidget's Garden!

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