Thursday, October 27, 2011

What's growing on as we approach November

I was away most of the day so I didn't do much in the garden but I did take a walk around and thought I would take you with me.

Gidget inside of the structure I made to keep pets out.
This is a year and a half old PVC frame wrapped in bird netting that is supposed to keep animals out. Gidget has no problem getting in but I've been watching her and now I know where the security breaches are. It worked well before and just needs another layer of netting and more zip ties to secure it. We place the frame over our back garden bed after planting seeds to protect them from curious animals.

This is the west side of the garden today

This pepper in the corner of an EarthBox is not getting enough water. To avoid this make sure your EarthBox is level.

Blossom rot on EarthBox tomato
This happened because I did not add dolomite to this EarthBox. The dolomite is critical in EarthBoxes to prevent calcium deficiency which causes blossom rot.

Luckily most of our tomatoes are doing great and we still have Japanese cucumbers that are producing well.

One of our beautiful Japanese cucumbers

From afar the front garden looks pretty good
But we have a number of plants that will be replaced very soon

Other warm season crops are still looking fantastic, I have had my eye on this tomato for weeks

Today is the day I picked it. It weighs 1.48 lbs. and it is not for sale.

Gidget wants to show you the roses. They need to be pruned but they are always a delight. 

An exterior view of Gidget's Garden today

Most of the strawberries look spectacular.

Some of the strawberries look downright abused.
We'll see you tomorrow for the market harvest post.

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