Thursday, October 20, 2011


Flowers are one of the most popular things that people buy at the farmers market. Some people come just to get their weekly arrangement from the gorgeous selection that the flower vendor across from our booth offers each week.

We are certainly not going to go into the flower business but we do have some nice flowers at Gidget's Garden and I have realized that they should be enjoyed more than I enjoy them. I have them to make the bees and other other beneficial bugs happy, not to decorate our home with. We really only bring them in for holidays and special occasions.

We decided to share the small arrangements that we are able to put together by taking them over to the corner store for their customers to enjoy, at the same time our business cards are displayed there so people are introduced to Gidget's Garden if the flowers catch their eye. We aren't certified to sell all of the flowers we have so actually selling arrangements is not really possible right now and it isn't really something I am interested in doing.

I decided to put a fresh arrangement together yesterday. I have absolutely no knowledge of or experience with arranging flowers so I just go around the garden looking for flowers that are ready to be cut and hope the end result is pretty.

In the backyard I found a Scentmental rose, a sun orchid, and some African daisies

And then on my way to my front yard I spotted Maria's Dahlias and took one 

I also added an Arizona sunset rose, some iceberg roses and then filled it in with some lemon-rose geranium stems

Here's the completed arrangement at the store with our business cards in front
Gidget is not impressed and thinks I should stick to growing vegetables

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