Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's growing on during our fall transition

Compared with the temperatures that soared into the 90's last week, today's 63 degrees is feeling downright frigid. The cooler weather has me motivated to continue replacing some of the flailing warm season crops with cool season ones. There's lots to do in the garden right now.  

Gidget says, "Well, let's rock it out then!"

We took the Poblano peppers out of this EarthBox last week
I replaced the peppers with 3 types of basil and 2 types of sage that should do well in the full sun of the roof throughout the winter. Our other EarthBox with herbs is slated to be replaced soon as are all but 2 of the tomato plants and the peppers we have in EarthBoxes.

Sad tomatoes in EarthBox
Vegetables aren't always pretty as evidenced here. These plants will produce for another couple weeks even though they look terrible now. Many people would give up on them because they aren't so nice to look at right now but with all of the potential fruit that's on them, I am going to allow them to look ugly for awhile longer while the fruit ripens. As soon as I am done writing here, I will clean them up by pruning all of the diseased and dead branches off of them and then after the last of the current fruits ripen up, we will replace them with some of the cabbage seeds we have started.

If you do not live in the type of climate we do, then you should check with the guidelines for growing vegetables in your hardiness zone to determine when is the best time to plant certain crops.

We have some nice fall tomato plants that are setting fruit and looking lovely
We will see how pretty this plant remains in a few months, I have a feeling it won't be pretty when I harvest the last of its fruit.

I'm putting onions here and there and everywhere
I bought some yellow onion sets to put in the garden because I love yellow onions and I understand onions help reduce pests. We aren't certified to sell them at the market this year though so we'll be enjoying them ourselves.

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