Monday, October 24, 2011

Rooftop garden upgrades

Our rooftop garden is on top of our flat roofed garage and backs up to 2 parking lots, one for the corner store and the other down the alley is used for the coffee shop. The side that is in the alley was really ugly until this weekend, so much so that I never even got an actual picture of it because I was embarrassed by just how bad it looked. It was a graffiti target for a long time and needed to be beautified.

Not to mention, we were curious to take a look at the structural components to make double certain that the roof is completely secure. Our friend Sonny from Sonny San Diego and Farmer D did a great job and we're in great shape. I know it's not gorgeous but it is far better than it was before. 
Back of the garage after replacing the siding and painting - we still have a little bit of painting to do 

Here's a look at the roof from the corner store parking lot, our banana tree is tall enough to see above the roof now
We also found a great product to put on the top of the garage which will help further waterproof  and it will reflect warmth and light onto our plants, which will make them more productive.

White roof coating by Henry

I started applying it yesterday
And the kitties started adding their signature this morning

Now I'm keeping Gidget inside until I can at least get this stuff applied and let it completely dry. She's not amused. 

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