Friday, October 7, 2011

Market harvest day

 We have a beautiful harvest today with lots of variety.

The majority of the harvest

We have spicy peppers and amazing Japanese cucumbers

People have been raving about our eggplant and it is a fabulous week for them

Green bell pepper, dark purple bell peppers, Poblano peppers and some beautiful tomatoes 

Several people asked us for habanero peppers and this is their week, we have a few varieties
We've got some Mammoth Russian sunflower seeds for you to plant in your own garden. They are 2nd generation Gidget's Garden.
"Are you still talking about vegetables? I just don't understand you. Shouldn't we be growing stuff I can eat, like chickens?"

Whatever Gidget. 

We will have a selection of herbs and lemon-rose geranium as well. 

Our avocados make me a little crazy because they take a very long time but once they're done they are incredible. They average about 2 lbs. each and they're dreamy. 

Avocados on tree

I picked a couple today but I'm pretty sure they're too immature yet

They only weighed about a pound and a half each and were too shiny
I will see if the 2 I picked today ripen the way they should but I'm thinking it will be the end of October or the beginning of November before we have avocados at the market.

We're going to start bringing Aloe vera leaf upon request so let us know if you want us to bring any of this miracle plant tomorrow.

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