Monday, October 3, 2011

We like FoxFarm!

Last week I told you about the Beastie Bloomz fertilizer Farmer D picked up that we thought was organic but it actually wasn't. We felt the label on the product was misleading so I called them to let them know.

They did not skip a beat in making me happy as a customer and I just love it when a business does that! I was unable to return the Beastie Bloomz to the store where I purchased it so they sent me more than what I spent on the product in products that I am happy to use in our garden.  

Liquid Big Bloom organic fertilizer, Happy Frog organic fruit and flower fertilizer and a great set of measuring spoons
The products arrived 2 days after my call and I am an extremely happy gardener! I do hope the label on the Beastie Bloomz is changed in the future so that other beginner gardeners do not make the same mistake we did and when I was on the phone, the representative said she would make sure the marketing department reviewed it.

FoxFarm makes fantastic organic products and I have always been happy with the way the products work, now I am ecstatic about their customer service too. We are looking forward to using FoxFarm for years to come.

Gidget is resting peacefully knowing that we have some great organic fertilizer to feed her plants with

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