Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our rooftop garden is so bright we have to wear shades

The project we started on Sunday to add 2 coats of white weather proofing to the top of the garage has entered day 3 and I am ready for it to be over but we have several more hours today and then a few hours on Friday before we can call it complete.
Gidget is still being held indoors which feels like jail to her. She wonders why we are punishing her.
We did get a first coat on most of the roof yesterday but the bare spot was too damp and needed to dry out first.

We have to wait for the roof to warm up before we can apply the rest of the first coat and then the second.
I went up first thing this morning to water the plants that are huddled together on one corner of the roof so the roof could dry before going back up this afternoon. The directions say it must be warm out to apply correctly which is why we plan to work this afternoon and then on Friday because the next couple of nights are suppose to cool to below 58 degrees. Brrr.

We owe our neighbor a big thanks for helping us move all the plants to the one corner  that is complete
The white is so bright that I actually do have to wear sunglasses but I am excited to see how well the plants like the reflected light and warmth. I am not excited to see how quickly the white gets dingy and dirty. San Diego is a great place to experiment with this but if we lived in a place with temperatures that consistently rose above 100 degrees then I might reconsider as the plants might get too hot in the summer.

While we wait for the roof to warm up, I am going to hunt for leaf hoppers that keep having babies on our plants

The lemon boy tomatoes are looking great and it looks like we'll have quite a few for the market on Saturday

More lemon boy tomatoes as they ripen up - yum!

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