Thursday, November 10, 2011

The fall cleanup

It's a beautiful day in San Diego and we are still very busy in the garden. The morning started early with feeding trees and general clean up in the back yard..

Because we use the leaves from the avocado tree itself to feed it
I don't use fertilizer every 3 months like the box suggests but a couple times a year I do give it a boost

The area where all the leaves are around the tree is infested with spiders and my Dad is always worried about one biting me so he'll be happy to know I am suited up in spider gear while working in there. 

A lovely black widow but I don't want her biting me
Luckily Farmer D has a nice supply of old socks. 

I use his old socks to put on right over my shoes and tuck my pants in to makes sure spiders don't crawl up my  pants
It's a very attractive look and I'm sure it will catch on as next season's fashion hit.

I also use another pair of his old socks with the feet cut off to secure the area between my sleeve and glove
Once I finished feeding and cleaning under the avocado tree, I moved on to working on the banana. I am rearranging this area a little to make it look prettier and to further secure it from curious dogs. They love to dig and I can't watch them constantly so so they take advantage of me when I'm not looking.

The banana tree
We did have a lovely cherry tomato here in a pot over the summer but it had run its course, probably because the sun shifted and it was no longer getting any. I took it out this morning.
The plant on the left of the tree is called Dog Gone and it actually does work to  help keep the dogs away

It does nothing to keep Gidget away though, she loves relaxing under the banana

If this avocado hits me in the head one more time, I'm going to pick it!
We have been trying a couple avocados each week for about a month and they still aren't ready but as we all know, good things come to those who wait, so they should be spectacular by the time they are ready to eat. 

Have a great Thursday. We'll be back tomorrow with the weekly harvest post and look forward to seeing you at the market on Saturday.

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