Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lettuce like wildflowers

I took out the last of the tomatoes in the front today. There were 5 plants left and none of them were getting the minimum 6 hours of sun that they require. I also took out the last eggplant and 1 last pepper.

Lemon boy, 3 sisters and beefsteak tomatoes. Some will ripen and some we will eat green

Gidget is hoping the mailman will take her and deliver her to a place that has chickens, rabbits or even a mouse.
The back portion of this bed had 2 peppers and 2 tomatoes in it
I pulled out the plants, weeds, rocks and fortified the soil. I used powdered milk for mildew, corn meal for the same and to help reduce the grub population, and I used our own worm castings as fertilizer.

This portion of the garden is completely shady during winter so I do not expect to grow much. I want to put something in until the sun returns in spring so I decided to try a Gidget's Garden salad mix of lettuce.
I went with seeds from Seed Savers and chose 6 lettuce varieties and arugula.

I mixed up a variety of seeds and sprinkled them across my prepared soil
Then I added a shallow layer of E.B. Stone topsoil
Once the plants have sprouted, I will thin them to about 18 inches in between and then have fun trying to guess which is which. I hope to keep Farmer D and I supplied with lettuce over the winter in this bed. Once the sun returns we will grow something more exciting.

Gidget says, "You're not taking all the tomatoes yet, are you? Where are the squirrels that eat them?"

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