Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's busy time in a San Diego garden

It's busy in the garden. We are pruning, planting, feeding, cleaning and otherwise working.

Some of the new plants
Here we have Cheddar cauliflower and cabbage to replace the peppers and watermelon that used to live here. These are purchased from Walter Anderson Nursery but we have many of our own seeds to plant now too. The shade is trying to take over in front, leaving only about 4 hours of sun in some of our sunniest front garden locations so we'll see how well these plants do.  

We transplanted a ginger scented geranium and will be happy if half of the cuttings we took from it live. 

We pruned the Passion fruit vine and are hanging some leaves to dry for tea, we plan to write about it soon
In the meantime, with Thanksgiving coming and a prestigious garden writer coming to take a tour soon, there's a lot of activity going on in the garden and to prepare to pull off my favorite meal of the year. We will do our best to document exactly what is growing on over the next couple weeks.

Gidget is evaluating the contents of this garbage can and whether joining them will bring her closer to rabbits.
Gidget is never impressed with anything in her vegetable garden. She wonders if the place where the garbage is trucked to will bring her closer to a rabbit, chicken, or even a lizard. Here in her garden, vegetables rule. Such a cruel life for a carnivorous kitty.

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