Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Walter Anderson Nursery

We have a lot growing on in the garden right now and I needed to stock up on some things so I headed over to Walter Anderson Nursery.

Gidget is evaluating everything I need to do and she looks worried

Walter Anderson is a beautiful nursery, established in 1928
I love looking at all the beautiful flowers and other plants they offer.

Lots of beautiful fall color
I need to get some cat repellent, some insect soap, and some bt so I headed on over to the wide selection of sprays and concentrates they offer. They sell products for both organic and non organic gardening so it's important to read the labels when you're here.
Some of the products they offer, I got a cat repellent made from essential oils 
I could spend hours wandering around and looking at all of the gorgeous items they have for sale.

I absolutely adore this bird bath

And this orchid is to die for, too bad I would instantly kill it

I actually considered buying the snowman bird feeder but I didn't

They even have a plant cam which is something I have been wanting forever
I think it would be so much fun to set up a camera and make a 90 second film of plants growing over a 90 day period. This probably makes me a garden nerd.

Walter Anderson has a great variety of plants including roses, tropicals, edibles and more 
I could spend hours here but I needed to get home so I tried to make it quick. I got my concentrates, some fertilizer, some soil and a few plants. 

I love violas, I picked up one called tiger eye that actually has a fragrance

When I got home I was greeted by one of Maria's cactus' in full bloom and I had to take a picture
If you haven't been to Walter Anderson before, it is worth a trip. They have nice variety, reasonable prices and friendly staff.

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