Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What the hay?

I like to use straw to mulch and choke out weeds in our back yard. It looks nice, it helps reduce dust and it replaces the grass that most people would have in their back yard. I am not a fan of having grass in San Diego because we have a water shortage and can't have a miniature cow. The water I use for my food is already a lot of water so why would I use even more of our reserves for grass that does not serve us?

I plan to keep a nice thick layer of straw in the back for a couple of years, until we're ready to overhaul the back yard and make it the way we really want. At that point the straw layer will have enriched our soil and killed most of the weeds.

I have been asking and asking for rice straw because the alfalfa straw I have been using has seeds in it and that could be a problem because my goal is to end up with weed free soil at the end of this process. So I did ask for this.

Yesterday City Farmers Nursery came though for me with a ton of love. Literally. A ton. I thought I was getting the equivalent of 3 bales of straw but I got so much more. I love City Farmers for doing so much to make and keep me happy.

This is what a ton of rice straw looks like, it looks like way more than 3 bales to me.

Gidget says, "I'm a little worried the crazy police are going to come to get you."

This is the area I needed straw for, I would like to lay it down 12 inches thick

"I don't think you understand math, you really did not need a ton for that."
Sierra says, "Don't worry, I won't let them put you in a straitjacket."

Frijole adds to the conversation, "This might be the dumbest thing I've ever seen you do."
Whatever animals. I am almost 1/2 way through my ton of love and we'll be rolling in the hay for months to come. 

Fleck interjects, "If you say so, Mom. I'll do my best to protect you when they come to put you in a rubber room."
Back to work. If the animals are this amused, I cannot even imagine what the neighbors are thinking.

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