Friday, November 4, 2011

Market harvest and new market time

The market will not start until 9:30 tomorrow and we will be there till 1:30 so you can now sleep in and still make it to the market. So can we, which makes us happy. If you live in the Golden Hill area, you should have received a flyer on Wednesday. If you did receive that flyer you should take it to the management booth before November 12th with your name and phone on the back for a chance to win free produce for a month!

It was a dreary harvest day, it has been raining all day long which is not normal in San Diego and we start to lose our minds here after a few hours of the wet stuff.

Even still, I set out with good spirits to harvest our bounty.

Gidget basically told me to have fun with that.  I think the animals somehow blame me for the rain, as if it's my doing. 
She looks like an angel, right? Well say goodbye to my hat because she decided to punish me for the rain by destroying it.

On to the harvest. What we lack in quantity, we make up for in taste, color, variety and locality.

I love Gidget's Garden food and I hope you do too
We have a  full basket of garden peach tomatoes that are really tasty and adorable, they actually have peach fuzz. There are a couple of beefsteak tomatoes, some lemon boys and various other tomatoes. We have a nice variety of peppers and 2 beautiful eggplants.

More tomatoes and peppers
We have more sweet limes and pink lemonade lemons than usual.
Citrus, pepper and tomatoes
We'll harvest the chard, herbs, other delicate items, and possibly some flowers in the morning.
Swiss chard from yesterday, when it was sunny
We'll bring some Aloe leaves if you contact us by morning to tell us that you want some. 

$1.00 each for medium leaves
$2.00 each for extra large

We look forward to seeing you between 9:30 and 1:30 tomorrow, rain or shine!

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