Friday, November 11, 2011

Yo eleven eleven eleven harvest post

We finally have some avocados! 
Some of the biggest and best avocados you'll ever eat

We have some tomatoes and the last of the various peppers

We also have a couple of eggplant, some of the last of the year

There are 2 Japanese cucumbers, one is shown and the other needs another night on the vine. We'll also pick some Swiss chard in the morning.

We'll gather some herbs including basil, mint and rosemary in the morning and please let us know if you want some Aloe Vera leaves before morning. We are bringing a whole bunch of lemon rose and orange scented geranium if you want it to add a lovely scent to a flower arrangement or to plant it for a wonderfully scented bush of your own.

Gidget is totally unimpressed and will not look at me until we get some chicks. 

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