Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vigorous vines

It is a beautiful day in San Diego. I love December because San Diego temperatures generally stay above 60 in the day and rarely dip below the 40s at night. We have had some lower than normal overnight temps. recently but our days are crisp and sunny, perfect weather to be a gardener.
It may be getting a little cool at night for our tomatoes but they seem to be working it out
The peas might like a little cooler weather during the day but they are doing fine and taste irresistible! 
I decided today may be a good day to finally go over to my neighbor's side and prune the out of control vines I have going on our shared fence.

This passion flower is growing much faster than the one in the front garden did.

The black eyed Susan vine looks spectacular from our side of the fence 
Both of these plants are growing equally as well if not better on the neighbor's side. I don't want to impose on them with my overgrown foliage so I am going to give both of the plants a good pruning today.

The black eyed Susan vine is certainly encroaching on the neighbor's walkway

And the passion flower is trying to take over their whole yard

The neighbors have the sunny side of the fence so they are getting the fruit
I won't prune so much that I take the fruit off. I am hoping the neighbors like passion fruit and will enjoy it as a token of my appreciation for being kind neighbors. If they don't then Sierra and I will happily enjoy it together. Passion fruit is delicious in our opinion, though many people feel it's quite bitter, I think it tastes almost identical to sour patch kid candy.

Sierra says, "Passion fruit is okay but I'm more interested in Spur Valley Ranch chicken!"
These are vigorous vines and along with the pink jasmine, I prune them aggressively a couple times per year. Pruning makes them more vigorous and healthy. 

Gidget is really tired...of me talking about flowers.

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