Thursday, December 15, 2011

Certifiably certified avocados

We finally solved the mystery as to what type of avocado we are growing here in Gidget's Garden. It's a seedling. It is a cross between a Reed and a Bacon and it is rare. We needed to take one up to the avocado inspectors this morning and I wanted to take the perfect one. It's a fall/winter variety and more on the side of winter. We have another month or 6 weeks before they're all ready, no matter which you pick. Right now we have to carefully calculate which are the best ones. Sort of like tomatoes but on a much taller scale.

This is the one I wanted magnified a bunch. It's huge and the poor guy is getting sunburned up there.

The red arrow indicates where the one I want is, the blue arrow is pointing to the bottom of the roof of my second floor.
This fruit picker and a 10 ft. ladder are our tools so I am certain the one I want will arrive with a crashing thud in 6 -8 weeks.  Hopefully I am not standing underneath and if I am, I pray it kills me quickly.
I did take the fruit picker upstairs, to the second floor bedroom window, to get the best one I could reach this morning.
Here it is at 1 lb. and 14 ounces. Our certification went just fine.

Gidget's tree climbing skills have improved drastically since this picture in February, if we could just teach her to harvest avocados, we'd be set.
At some point someone cut the top off the very center of the tree. It makes for a good platform to pick from but that's only if Farmer D is feeling brave.
The market will be closed on Saturday December 24th so we will see you this coming Saturday but we will have the following one off. We're both looking forward to a little break but we'll certainly miss our regular customers so we plan to have a plant give away and sale on December 23rd.

This plant and pretty pot will be for sale on December 23rd
We plan to continue our monthly plant give away but also intend to start selling some plants at the same time. Our next plant give away will be on Decemeber 23rd but you have to be in the know to know to ask for your free plant. We'll announce the specific time (it will be in the early afternoon) on the 23rd. We will also announce the password that you'll need to receive several choices for your free plant. There will be a nice variety of larger and/or fancier plants for sale. Stay tuned, don't miss our post on the morning of the 23rd, especially if you need a last minute gift for a plant lover.

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