Friday, December 9, 2011

Market harvest

We'll have a small quantity of a nice variety of food tomorrow. Gidget's Garden is in a bit of a tween phase but we have some beautiful plants that promise to provide us and our neighbors more selection very soon.
The food we are enjoying now and will have for you tomorrow includes:
Pink lemonade lemons, sweet limes, fresh vine ripened tomatoes, some brown bag ripened and  green tomatoes 

We pick the greens fresh and will have bok choy and some Swiss chard tomorrow

The basil is doing remarkably well with the cold overnight temperatures, we'll have basil , mint and sage for market
I refrained from eating every delicious pea as they ripened this week so I'll pick a basket to sell in the morning
A baby garden peach tomato. This plant is strong and the fruit delicious. I hope to keep it through winter.
We have a lot of other plants that are almost ready to give us food.

Much of the cabbage is in what I think of as the, "almost ready to produce a cabbage patch kid " phase. We'll be eating it soon.

The first crop of peas are finally going to give us a nice harvest and the second crop is just  starting to bloom.
Getting the timing right in a year round garden can be a challenge. We are having cooler than normal overnight temperatures so the tomatoes are not as happy as I expected they would be. The peas are happy.

Farmer D, Fleck and I enjoyed this tasty dragon carrot, we'll have a few in a couple weeks for market
We also have broccoli, cauliflower, nasturtiums and of course more avocados coming up in the future.

Fleck is trying to zap me with his laser eyes because he does not feel he got his fair carrot share.

Gidget says, "Phft! Carrots are disgusting! Eww. How do rabbits taste so good if they eat carrots?" 

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