Thursday, December 22, 2011

A post for pet lovers

 I am working on organizing my photos and it's fun to come across all the old photos that I haven't seen in years. I decided to do a slideshow of nothing but our pets today which has nothing to do with gardening but there isn't much that's exciting to write about going on in the garden now anyway. Merry Christmas pet lovers, this one is for you.

Baby Fleck, sitting goofy

Sierra and baby Fleck waiting for Daddy to get home from work

"I wasn't going to chew your shoe, why do you ask?"


Fleck's first Halloween

Always happy no matter what

Sierra smiling for the camera

"Where's my treat?"

Sierra and Fleck play with their friend Chico

Baby Frijole

"Who you calling a baby?"

Frijole reading about cheese.

Fleck and Frijole fell in love instantly

"Is it lunchtime yet?"

Gidget hates flowers

Our first trip to the rooftop garden
Frijole teaches Gidget to dumpster dive

"I made him an offer he couldn't refuse."

"How's my profile?"

"What do you mean you're naming it Gidget's Garden?"

" I was not digging, I don't understand why you are always accusing me of digging!"

Sierra tolerates Frijole on her couch


"Rub here please."

"I got rained on!"

"I still can't believe you named it Gidget's Garden."
Gidget had a bad cold when we got her. Poor baby did not feel good.

Baby Gidget

Sierra evaluates the newest member of the family.

Fleck loves everyone.

Laser cats are scary.

Already addicted to Facebook.

Gidget's first Christmas

Goofy Gidget

"These do not smell like food."

Frijole is not happy about Gidget in his back yard.
She's cuckoo for coconuts

This was her punishment for keeping us awake all night

Sierra reluctantly agrees to share her bed.
Stop with the pawparazzi!

"Seriously? Gidget's Garden? I was here first you know."

"If it were really my garden we'd have chickens or rabbits."

Gidget makes herself useful by pointing out a fallen avocado.

"Give me some money, I'm going to buy some chicks."

Sierra's unfortunate haircut
This is Habanero, he went to kitty heaven a few years ago


"Check out my super man impression!"
Fleck and Frijole have no idea that they're suppose to be enemies.

"This washing machine is fascinating."

On vacation, Sierra loves to swim and Fleck does not.

Happy boy

Happy girl

"I wasn't playing with the blue tape. Why do you ask?"

Fishing for Goldfish in Auntie Kim's pond

"Why are you always so convinced I've been digging?"
"The best thing about rain is getting out of it."

No comment needed.

An example of Fleck's fine work ethic.
"Oh! Hi Mom."

This is our resident old lady. Princess is 15 years old and skittish.

Fleck's first homegrown carrot
Frijole loves him some barbeque

Dog day

The boys 

Even Fleck was impressed with last year's avocado harvest
Sierra's 7th birthday 
"Is this adorable enough?"

The boys conspire to break into the enclosure around our raised bed in the back yard.

They love each other

They love each other too
Fleck catches a little sun by the back door.

Frijole likes flowers
"Get her face away from my face."

Fleck strutting around the garden

Frijole says, "I have claws and I am not afraid to use them!"
Fleck prays for peace.

"Stop following me."

She really is cuckoo for coconuts
Frijole checks in from the neighbor's side of the fence

Fleck and Gidget playing peekaboo
Farmer D's lap is her most favorite seat in the house

Or my desk chair

Gidget learned how to climb the tree with just a couple of minor falls

This is one of our friendly neighborhood hummingbirds

"Did you forget about lunch?"

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