Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We're a plant nursery now too

Gidget is thrilled that the wet stuff has stopped coming down and the sun is peaking out so I'll highlight her morning as I write this post. She loves the attention and it seems people love to give her attention.
We started our morning waiting for Jason from the Dept. of Agriculture to get here

He needed to do a quick inspection and have me fill out an application for a nursery license

Gidget considered hiding from him but she couldn't resist being seen when he arrived

We have our fee exempt nursery license in hand now so we can legally sell plants
This was the easiest thing we've done with the Dept. of Agriculture so far. We will not be earning more than $1000 (or even close) in plant sales so we did not have to pay the normal fee. Jason just walked around, had me fill out the application, took it to his office for signature and even brought it back again. Awesome!

Gidget is already evaluating which plants she wants to sell, she's thinking we should trade them for chickens

Even with no chickens around, Gidget is enjoying the garden today , she loves sunshine.

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  1. Congrats on your Nursery License! You sure are moving right along with Gidgets Garden. And the star of the show is sure cute today!