Friday, December 2, 2011

Harvest day

 It is a small harvest week but things are progressing nicely so I am not too concerned.

We have the last of the tomatoes from the front garden which are delicious and some very tasty lemons and limes

Gidget is tired of discussing produce with us, she feels hens would be a much better use of time
Whatever Gidget.

We have many things we plan to harvest in the morning including a Japanese cucumber, herbs, Swiss chard, baby bok choy and peas.

We'll have a variety of mint

and a variety of basil and sage, as well as some rosemary.

We hope to have 1 basket of peas.
And we'll have some baby bok choy.
We also have aloe leaves if you want them, and some lemon rose geranium stems.

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