Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Citrus leafminer

Citrus leafminers are as common here as citrus itself. I have never actually seen the actual moth itself but according to what I've read, they're tiny. I have encountered the larvae that burrows into the layers of the new leaves on citrus trees. If your tree is older and mature, you really don't need to be concerned but when your tree is younger, they can cause some severe damage.
Our lemons look great but the leaves around them are affected by leafminer larvae

Here is a closer look at the damage

And another look

And yet another look
Because the larvae are burrowed within the leaves, there isn't an organic spray or solution that I am aware of. The only course of action is to prune off the affected branches before the larvae mature and spread more eggs to the other leaves on your trees. I will be pruning the affected leaves and branches on our citrus trees if you need me.
Leafminers bore Gidget and she wishes we would bring her another helium balloon to play with.

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