Friday, July 29, 2011

Market harvest day

Friday is here again already so that means I have a fun day of things to do in preparation of bringing good food to you. The past couple weeks I have been taking photos post harvest to show you what we'll have but I'm going to do things a little differently today. I want to get the post done early - like now, so I am going to post photos of things on the vine that we plan to bring. I'm also going to give you a sneak peek at what we plan to bring in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow's Menu: 

Cucumbers; Armenian, Japanese, and Heirloom Lemon

We are bringing some stunning Armenian cucumbers

Lemon Cucumbers
Peppers; poblano, sweet banana, purple bell, orange bell, jalapenos, pizza peppers, and pepperocinis

Sweet banana peppers
There are only 1 or 2 orange bells that are ready so you may want to come early.  We should have more next week.
The purple bells are hard to see but we have a couple and we have a small jalapeno variety
Pizza pepper 
Poblano pepper
The poblanos are a small variety too but we expect them to bulk up as we start harvesting them. We had one the other night and they are tasty!

Tomorrow's Tomatoes; better boy, champion, three sisters, yellow pear cherry, red cherry and maybe an orange queen. They will be in small quantities.

One of the first better boy tomatoes for market tomorrow
This week is a little thin for tomatoes in Gidget's Garden but we have several plants that are beginning to ripen and quite a few more that will be ready after those so next week, and moving forward through the rest of summer, we expect to have more. 

The Japanese eggplant is smaller and has a more tender skin, the other one is larger, both are delicious!

Japanese eggplant
Oval eggplant
Herbs; Italian basil, Pistou basil, large leaf basil, Napalitano basil, purple basil, rosemary, and tri-color sage

Italian basil
I'm sure I'm forgetting a thing or two, please stop by the market in the morning at 28th and B street between 8am and 12:30. If you aren't able to make it tomorrow, we're there every Saturday. Here's a look at some of what we have planned for the rest of the summer feast.

We're going to keep the cucumbers coming. Tomorrow will be the first of the Armenians and we hope they're popular because we have a lot of those growing, we also have some long slicing cucumbers, more lemon cucumbers, a Persian variety, and more of the space master cucumbers taking off. 

long slicing cucumber
Spacemaster cucumbers
We have lots more peppers going and looking great.

Big Bertha and Red Bell Peppers
A Big Bertha bell pepper that may be ready next week
I found a lavender colored bell pepper that I hope to bring to market in a few weeks. 
The zucchini is getting close. We have a green and yellow variety and may be bringing some next week. 

Yellow zucchini
The tomatillos finally look promising. I have never grown them before so I'm not sure how much longer we have.

We have a lot of tomato plants including some new varieties we haven't brought yet. We have a Boxcar Willie, a black cherry, a red grape, and lots of full size lemon boys to name a few. We'll bring new varieties throughout the summer.

Lemon Boy Tomatoes
We also have sunflowers seeds forming as we speak, (or as I type), and we are excited to bring them fresh, unadulterated, and truly raw to the market.

Gidget's sunflower seeds
And then of course we have the finest avocados grown locally and we are eagerly awaiting their completion. Possibly in January, you'll want to stay tuned for these!

Gidget's Garden avocado, still very small
"Where are you hiding the real food, like tilapia?"

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  1. Everything looks so good!!! Poor Gidget.. she just wants you to grow some chickens and fish!