Friday, July 22, 2011

The market harvest

It was a busy day at Gidget's Garden. I had two appointments to go to, and the harvest needed to be done. We do our main harvest on Friday, and then collect some of the more delicate items first thing Saturday morning. We want our customers to have the freshest food possible. During the week we harvest as we like, for our own needs. 

I started the harvest this morning with our sweet banana peppers
And then I moved on to our tomatoes and bell peppers
Then I had enough time to grab some of the cucumbers before my first appointment. 
I had to leave for my appointments, and some errands, so the rest of the harvest waited until Farmer D came home this evening. 

Roma and Better Boy tomatoes, the green ones were harvested by accident but we'll put them to use. 
Eggplant was next
Farmer D does not like eggplant 
Eggplant is a prickly plant and Farmer D got injured several times while trying to harvest them. He isn't a fan of them, in any way. I have several Eggplants and I am not going to be able to keep up with eating it all myself so I hope we will have some customers who like them as much as I do.

The whole mix before sorting and rinsing. We'll take the less than perfect things for ourselves.
I'll grab the herbs in the morning. 
This is what we have for the market:

5 Gidget's Garden Samplers with a variety of tomatoes, a variety of peppers, a cucumber, and and variety of herbs 

Cucumbers: Japanese, Space Master, and Lemon Heirloom

Tomatoes: Yellow Pear Cherry, Three Sisters, Champion, Orange Queen, Better Boy, Cherry, and Roma

Peppers: California Wonder Bell, Purple Bell, Sweet Banana, Jalapeno, and Pepperocini  

Eggplant: Japanese and Common

Herbs: Pistou Basil, Purple Basil, Napolitano Basil, Italian Basil, Tri-Color Sage, and Rosemary.   

I'm going to grab some lemon rose geranium stems to put in a vase that I think will make our booth smell yummy 
Next week we are expecting some new things.

I think we'll have a couple Poblano peppers
And I know we will have some Armenian cucumbers. We ate the first one this week and it was fabulous. 
Gidget is harvesting bugs, she has little faith that we'll ever raise any real food; like Salmon. 

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  1. Oh my goodness what a fantastic bounty. I'm going to come shopping tomorrow. I can't wait!