Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gidget's Garden: Inspired by bees

Gidget's Garden was conceived a little over a year ago on a beautiful Spring day. Our front yard was just rocks and clovers. We added the rocks to be "green" by not having a lawn, since we didn't have any mini lawn cows to graze.  Farmer D was also tired of battling with a gofer that kept digging tunnels below the grass and ruining it.

Front yard facing East
Front yard facing West
Front yard facing South
We kind of let the clovers get out of hand.  Farmer D had the day off because it was his birthday and decided to pull them to make our rock yard look like it was being maintained.

Pre-Farmer D pulling clovers on his birthday
While pulling the clovers, we noticed that the bees were loving it.  They would go from flower to flower, busily doing their part for mother nature.

Bee working on Farmer D's day off
Another bee gathering more yellow
On to the next flower
At the end of the day, we decided to keep a patch of the clovers because we wanted the bees to hang around.  It was nice to see mother nature at work.

The patch of clover we left for the bees
Gidget dreams about her future garden

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  1. What a transformation! Amazing that this was taken just a little over a year ago! Good job!