Saturday, July 9, 2011

Growing Zucchini

Zucchini is a fun plant to grow and very productive when it's happy, so while it is a very large plant, it pays off in a big way.

"I hate zucchini."
Gidget may not be a fan of zucchini but many home gardeners are. If you have enough space, it is an easy plant to grow. It wants lots of food, especially nitrogen so soil that is rich in compost will get your zucchini off to a good start. Some worm castings added to the top layer of soil would not hurt either.

Baby Golden Bush Zucchini
With a plant that starts off this small, it is hard to believe it will take up 4 feet of space in your garden, but it will. As long as you give the soil plenty of food, give the plant enough space, full sunshine, and then water it regularly, you should have enough zucchini for an army in a little over a month.

Costa Romanesco Zucchini 
After your zucchini plant is established, you will need to check on a daily basis for your fruit. These babies can get to the size of a small car before you know it, and then the fruit is not very good to eat. It does depend on the variety so check your seed packet but generally zucchini is best when harvested between 6 and 8 inches long.

"That's it! Give me some money so I can go buy some real food, like TUNA!" 
Not only is zucchini productive and easy to grow, it a gorgeous plant.
Several fruits on ours got away from us already, one of them was as large as my calf before I found it because it was hiding way in the back of the plant. The leaves are a little prickly so gloves and long sleeves are a good idea when you go to harvest, that way you will comfortably be able to examine the entire underside of the plant for your delicious summer squash before they get too big.

"I am not eating no stinking zucchini!"

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  1. Taking your advice and planting my Cantaloupe and Squash where you suggested. Also more beans. I'm also considering doing a Cantaloupe and Squash out front????

    Love Gidget! She is adorable and so are you and farmer D.