Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm going to be an Urban Plantations intern

I am lucky enough to have an opportunity to intern with Urban Plantations, at the Fibonacci's Farm in La Jolla. The farm is to supplement the food for the restaurant. I went on a tour of the farm yesterday and met with Yael, the amazing woman in charge of this incredible farm.

I am already learning about, and getting ideas for great trellis systems.  These are young  Blackberry plants. 

Their tomatoes look absolutely gorgeous. Many of the varieties came from seeds the chef obtained in France.

Pumpkins growing in front of the corn. Yael explaining how we will have to manage the plants as they get huge.

I am especially excited about learning how to grow artichokes successfully because we struggle with them.

They are hoping to do well with some Spring mix in the shady bed,  but the greens in the sunnier raised beds will be coming out soon.

One of my main jobs on the farm will be harvesting which I am really happy to learn more about, I find myself second guessing when things are at their peak and should be harvested.

Beautiful beans.

Rosemary lines the walkway. The covered area in back is reserved for events and has gorgeous grapes climbing up the  posts

One last look at the space I will be working at on Monday mornings starting in Mid July.

In Gidget's Garden news, we should be at the Golden Hill Farmer's Market, on July 16th for the first time. It depends on when we receive the actual certificate but other than that we're ready to go. Look for our teardrop trailer and arrive early because supplies are limited.

Gidget has been letting all the neighbors know that we are certified and will be at the market soon.

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  1. The farm is absolutely gorgeous!!! And you are the perfect intern, Crystal! It's great that you'll have a chance to learn from them, but I know that you'll also have your own knowledge and skills to share with them. It's going to be a wonderful experience for you and for the people at the they get to know you and see what a dedicated and passionate gardener you are!