Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where we get our seeds

Seeds are one of the most important supplies in your vegetable garden. Buying established plants makes things quicker but in the long run buying all of your plants already established will cost you more money. You can buy a packet of 50 seeds for the same amount of money as buying one of the same plants already established.

Many people ask us where we get our seeds so I thought I would share some of my favorite seed companies to help get you started. 

My most favorite is probably Seed Savers Exchange. They are a group of gardeners who have been saving and exchanging seeds for a long time.

The Seed Savers Exchange catalog above and individual seeds packets below. 

We buy a lot of seeds from City Farmers Nursery and they primarily sell the Seeds of Change seeds.

Seeds of Change seeds
Botanical Interests is another favorite company for seeds.

I'm always thrilled to get seed catalogs in the mail.
We have also purchased a few from a newer company, at least new to me, called High Mowing Seeds.

High Mowing Seeds catalog
We generally only use seeds that are certified organic but will make an occasional exception for some heirloom varieties.

We store our seeds in zip lock bags in the freezer and then make sure to allow the contents of the bag to reach room temperature before opening it. This helps keep our precious seeds viable longer, and allowing the bag to reach room temperature cuts down on mildew related diseases.

All of this seed talk is boring Gidget.

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