Friday, July 15, 2011

Gidget's goodies; our first harvest for the Golden Hill Farmers Market

We waited until evening to harvest for tomorrow's market, we want everything to be as fresh as possible.

When it came time to harvest Gidget said "Leaf me alone."
We started with the Roma tomatoes. 
For the most part they are looking beautiful. 
Roma tomatoes and a pepper of some sort. 
Gidget woke up to supervise the harvest - she's not impressed
After the Romas we moved to the Japanese eggplant, I thought we had 2 for sale but one is bug bitten so we'll  eat that one ourselves, after cutting the bug bite off.

The second Japanese eggplant was perfect. It's for sale. The only one. 
A Japanese cucumber - for sale. We kept a few others that weren't as pretty but we are sure will be just  as tasty. 
Purple Podded Pole Beans
We found some purple podded pole and other green beans. Enough to add to one of our signature baskets, for eating raw (my favorite way) but not enough for a whole side dish yet. We will have though - two weeks, maybe three.

The first common eggplant
We are selling this eggplant, Farmer D recently told me that he is not a big fan of eggplant so - grab it up, and tell me that is was fabulous.

We are bringing 8 red cherry tomatoes, and splitting them up in a couple of our signature baskets .
Space Master cucumber - we will have several of these.
The spread before rinsing and sorting. 
What we have to sell;
  • Peppers
  1. Sweet banana pepper
  2. Jalapeno
  3. Pepperocini
  • Tomatoes
  1. Three Sisters
  2. Champion
  3. Roma
  4. Yellow Pear Cherry 
  5. Gardener's Delight Cherry
  • Cucumbers
  1. Japanese
  2. Space Master
  3. Persian
  4. Lemon Heirloom (not pictured here)  
  • Eggplant
  1. Japanese
  2. Common
"I got my bag, I'm ready to go. They are selling chicken, right?"
Gave everything a good rinsing in vinegar and water
The start to some of our baskets.
We still have herbs and strawberries to harvest in the morning. We want everything as fresh as possible. We look forward to seeing you in the morning at the market. The Golden Hill Farmers market is open from 8am - Noon and located at 27th and B Street. It is a great market and we appreciate your support.

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