Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our first day at the Golden Hill Farmers Market

This blog post is a day late but I was so tired, and relieved after our first day at the market, that I decided to skip the daily blog post and do it today instead.

Yesterday started early, around 4:30 with Farmer D and I laying in bed talking about everything we needed to do when the alarm went off at 5am.

Frijole was surprised to see us up so early
I wasn't a very good blogger yesterday as I did not take as many photographs as I should have. We're missing many pictures, like one of our good friends at Sonny San Diego, who came over just after 6am to help us get everything set up. They are such wonderful friends.

We were one of the first to arrive to get set up, and now that we know the drill, I don't think we'll be getting up at 5am next week. We can probably sleep in until 6am, so that makes us happy. 

Brian is the market manager and is very helpful and chill, the kind of personality we like most. He helped us get situated and treated us like he was really happy we were there. Most of the other vendors were equally as cool, and we really enjoyed meeting them. They made up for the extremely rude encounter that we had at the beginning of the day, overall it was a really great experience.  

Here I am with our glorious little spread before me.
Farmer D can add salesman to his long list of skills - he was awesome yesterday!

Our teardrop trailer
We brought our teardrop trailer to attract attention, and it certainly did. People can't help but take a peek inside when they see it, and then we were able to draw them over to our booth to look at our extremely local produce. Next week we are going to set up a laptop inside, with this blog up, and invite people in so they can subscribe to it. 

I did ask our first customer if I could snap a picture, and she was not happy about the idea, so I didn't want to make anyone else uncomfortable, by asking them to pose for photos. I will take more photos of the rest of the market to share next week, yesterday was very busy and the camera didn't get used after 8am. 

We sold about 75% of the produce we brought, and people were very excited about our little farm. The most popular thing we had were baskets that included a variety of tomatoes, peppers, herbs and a cucumber. We sold them as a salad basket, just chop it all up and throw it together for a delicious salad. We plan to continue to do that each week. I was surprised that our Japanese eggplant did not sell, but not disappointed, because I ate it last night and it was incredible!

Plant Give Away
On Thursday, I set some plants out to give away to the neighborhood. This is our weedy driveway and I am embarrassed to show it to you, but it gets neglected in favor of the areas where we can actually grow food. Maybe we will get around to improving it at some point but I'm getting off track. We set plants out to give to the neighborhood, and will do it once per month. This group included a palm tree, some Aloe vera, lemon-rose geraniums, corn, cucumbers, and a baby avocado tree.  

Moving forward, I will announce the free plant day and time here on the blog so stay tuned. One of our customers scored a lemon-rose geranium, and came by to thank me, and bought some basil while she was there.

I really hope all of the people who supported us yesterday enjoyed the produce they bought. I look forward to receiving feedback next week. We appreciate your business!

Gidget is destroying a roll of toilet paper to express her disgust  in the fact that we didn't bring her the free range chicken she asked for. 

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  1. Ha! Love your story! The booth was so cool and you and Farmer D look great! I just know you will have folks standing in line for your goodies next week! <3