Saturday, July 23, 2011

Golden Hill Farmers Market; week two

It was a great second day at the market for Gidget's Garden. We have fun while helping the neighborhood eat EXTREMELY local produce. We sold 86% of what we brought.

This was our spread first thing this morning and at the end of the day we only had about 4 baskets left
I love clowns and I'm so happy there's one at our local market
Dogs have fun at the market too
Good music 
Three are better than one!
'Shroom Shack is one of my favorite vendors, we traded some produce for some tasty mushrooms today - thank you!
If I could eat bread, I would be a regular customer of Charlie's Best Bread
The farm from Carlsbad
There's a really wide variety at the market, including the Tea Gallerie 
Bitchin' Sauce really is Bitchin'!
The pasture raised chicken Gidget has been requesting
Gidget says; "Just throw me in the dumpster, you clearly don't love me, or you would have brought home chicken!"
We'll show you some more of the fantastic vendors at the market next week. For those of you that supported us this week by buying some of our extremely local produce, we appreciate it! I was so happy to see several repeat customers. Thank you so much. Please come back again next week, we love to hear your feedback, and provide some of the most local produce in Golden Hill.

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