Saturday, August 13, 2011

Four legged fun at the Golden Hill Farmers Market

It was not a beautiful and sunny morning at the Golden Hill Farmers Market, so it got off to a slow start, but we always have fun and enjoy our time there. Farmer D likes cranking up the boom box and threatens to put some "Led in your head" next week. 

Gidget had stars in her eyes about some chicken giblets from Spur Valley Ranch, so we brought her with us. 
Our harvest was smaller than average but everything we brought was gorgeous, if I do say so myself!
I was especially fond of the 2 Japanese eggplants 
The two most beautiful and friendly girls at the market
They were so excited about the heirloom lemon cucumber they bought that they pulled it out of the bag, smelled it, turned around, pointed at us and even came back to take a picture of it in front of our booth. This excitement is what I live for. They were such sweet girls and so enthusiastic about what we are trying to do. Thank you for your support ladies; we hope to see you again next week!

Gidget safe in the T@B - checking out the market
After the Japanese eggplant sold, my affection turned to one of our sunrise bell peppers 
Gidget was inconsolable after our trip to Spur Valley Ranch
After the market was underway, Gidget and I walked down to the Spur Valley Ranch booth to buy her giblet, but there were none to be had. We did buy a chicken this week, so she won't be completely deprived, but she did not get the treat she was promised for agreeing to hang out in the trailer for half the day.

We had a good day, we sold about 85% of what we brought, even though it wasn't a very busy day at the market. We are so appreciative of all the people who have come to see us week after week, please let us know how we can serve you better!

This was the best week for four legged customers that we have seen, so we took lots of pictures, because we believe four legged souls are some the most incredible souls on earth. We hope our colleagues at Puppy Paws Productions had a great week.  

Here are some of the incredible pets we loved to see:

We look forward to another fun day next Saturday and hope to see you at 28th and B Street between 8 AM and 12:30 PM. 

Frijole knew better than to believe there would be real, raw, pastured giblets at the market. He's relieved he didn't go. 


  1. The market looks GREAT! And your stand is BEAUTIFUL!!!! So thrilled that you're enjoying the market and people are loving your veggies!!

  2. What a fun post! Love seeing all the doggies! Gidget seemed to behave herself and Janet is right, your stand is Beautiful! I woke up with a cucumber craving and that beauty you brought me hit the spot! Can't wait to see what this week brings!