Friday, August 19, 2011

This weeks market goodies

Afternoon Update: Here's a peek post-harvest. I think it is one of our prettiest harvest days yet. We hope to see you tomorrow!

I am going to walk you through what we are bringing before I harvest it. This has to be some of the freshest produce available in San Diego, we hope you think it's as tasty as we do.

Yellow pear cherry tomato
We are still waiting for more of the newer tomatoes to ripen but we do have a few tasty varieties to bring in small quantities. Along with the yellow pear cherry, we will have some red cherry, a couple better boy, and some three sisters tomatoes.

We will have quite a few cucumbers.

We just have one Armenian cucumber, these are delicious and the skin is very tender
We have a few tasty Japanese cucumbers
We have a lot of lemon cucumbers this week
If you have not had a lemon cucumber before then I would recommend trying one. It is an heirloom variety, grown since the 1800's, and has a slight citrus flavor. We will also have at least 1 Persian cucumber and a space master cucumber. 

We still have lots of peppers. Tomorrow we will have some black beauty, sunrise and California wonder bell peppers. 

Black Beauty bell pepper
We have some Poblano peppers.

We will also have a variety of other peppers including quite a few jalapenos.

Jalapeno peppers
We have 3 varieties of eggplant and hope to bring something from each.

Oblong eggplant
Eggplant and bloom
Japanese eggplant
I'm not sure how many green beans we'll have yet but we'll have some. If not enough for an entire family side dish, I suggest eating them raw with your favorite dip, or chopping them up and eating them raw in a Gidget's Garden salad.

Ideal market beans
The herbs are looking fantastic.

From left; Italian basil, purple basil and tri-colored sage in front with the small leafed Pistou, French basil  in back

We also have a purple and green variegated basil plant that is starting to take off. So pretty.
We'll bring some more lemon rose geranium stems and aloe leaves. The lemon rose geranium is my favorite smelling plant on the planet, so far. It can be added to a flower arrangement for a long lasting, pretty, and beautiful smelling touch, or you can plant it in a pot with some good quality soil and try to get it to root for a wonderful garden plant.

Lemon rose geranium
We hope to see you tomorrow at 28th and B street from 8 am to 12:30 pm. 

Gidget will not be fooled again. She plans to stay home to hunt for some real food. 

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